the year in review – negative variance

January 1st, 2013

the year in review – negative variance

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soul_window_fevery good poker player understands the role that variance plays in the game and must be prepared to deal with it. variance can be both good and bad but most people ususally reference the bad (ie winning streaks/pos variance aren’t viewed as problems). how one deals with losing streaks/neg variance is the real the test. just like life, you’re not always gonna run well and understanding this will help any player deal with the low points while keeping a “big picture” perspective on the game. quite possibly the best way to deal with negative variance is to simply acknowledge it and play through it with the understanding that in the long run favorable variance will offset the current situation. easier said than done though. c’mon, it can’t always be shitty…just wait it out…right?

as far as 2012 went, my life variance continued its negative plummet and hovered around the depths of suckiness that far out shined what i considered a pretty shitty 2011. let’s take a fun trip down memory lane shall we. tony’s death – easily the lowest of lows and is sufficiently documented. i know his name comes up often in posts but there’s a reason – because he was awesome – just like ur awesome child or (gulp) adorable cat is. what else sucked in 2012? a pretty unfortunate work experience coupled with the very long drawn out process of cutting business and friendship ties with a few people (this topic deserves a post of its own and i’m sure i will elaborate at some point) added to a messy year. my truck broke down numerous times at many different spots throughout so cal. but i kind of enjoyed these (triple) aaa adventures so i’m not sure that’s a true negative.

the positive.. i’m glad my friend lisa didnt die from the blood clot in her heart. now, every time i see her, my goal is to make her laugh and smile because it reminds me how close she was to dying. i’m glad i got to spend some long overdue quality time with my dad in sept. he is a fuking awesome human being. i wish we got along like we do now when i was growing up. i think we both missed out on a great relationship – at least we talk on the phone more than we ever have so it’s great. i’m glad i started another company that solely relies on me and no other person – because of this it has been profitable and successful – wow go figure – dont work with little bitches and your company takes off. oh yeah..the trips to vegas…may they continue and multiply just like my poker bankroll keeps doing. i also played a bunch of shows that were pretty fun and contracted no stds – always a positive – but then again i wasnt really dating at all so it’s a backhanded positive but still a positive. not positive in the testing sense though…that would be bad and thus negative based on a positive.

in sum dim sum – i didnt particularly enjoy most of 2012. life is all about perspective though and i got a healthy dose of that in 2012. much of the time i felt like i was floating around and above the life i know. regrouping, refocusing and refreshing will be key actions going well into the beginning of 2013.

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