there’s no place for assholes in hospitality

August 2nd, 2012

there’s no place for assholes in hospitality

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what a great quote. i heard it when i was “half-watching” a show about a guy that goes into bars and makes them over. it’s called bar rescue – sort of like restaurant impossible but with a better host imo. anyway…the point is, he’s right. nothing better than awesome customer service. customer service always gets a bigger tip from me. all it takes is not being an asshole. withoutafuckingdoubt. american express has great customer service….jet blue has pretty good customer service. hermes in beverly hills has horrible customer service. what’s the point of working retail and not trying to help someone that walks in with an already purchased item. i dont understand…if it’s cos you arent getting paid enough then you should quit because the problem isnt with the customers but with your boss so take it out on them.

got me thinking about poker rooms with great hospitality and/or customer service. would be interesting to get feedback on this. i really havent experienced many assholes that work in the poker rooms i have been in. by far the vegas rooms i have played have all been much better than la ones.

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