vegas trip – tournament recap

August 31st, 2012

vegas trip – tournament recap

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Sunday 8/26 Caesar’s 2:00 PM – $235 NL Hold’em Poker Tournament $20K
hmmm… thinking back on this without my notes is like trying to remember what i did last year. one key point was the fact i was very tired during this tournament – going on only a few hours sleep. next time i need to prepare better for this – ie come in the night before or find a way to fall asleep earlier. nothing spectacular – key hand was when some fatty wearing way too much jewelry called my 15BB AI with KK. it was super awesome when his pair of sevens improved to a set on the river. sweet.. at least i’m going back to an awesome hotel room to take a misery nap.

Monday 8/27 Wynn 12:00 PM – $140 NL Hold’em Poker Tournament w/ Re-Entry
the bad run continued today with a unceremonious exit from this daily. my exit strategy was implemented to perfection with a 12 BB shove with ATs. i was called with JJ and was quickly back in my hotel room reflecting on life in general. in other news my cash game was improved upon with another long session that night. also saw John Salley there with 2 somewhat attractive ladies. took a break from 1-3am to see my buddy Daniel from LA Riots DJ at XS – he always hooks me up – great guy – thanx buddy.

Aria 7:00 PM – $125 No-Limit Hold’em Re-Entry Poker Tournament
aria i see a trend here. card dead for fuking ever – with 12 BB left the short stacked guy who looked like one of the hobbits from LOTR (the english guy who was also on Lost) pushed with KJ. i shoved with QQ. hobbit flops KJ i’m left with crumbs to play with. next hand (TT appropriately) i push my 2700 crumbs in only to get NO callers. bizarre…who in their right mind wouldn’t call off that small amount with any 2 cards to bust me? who? the answer is no one. next hand i’m out after flopping middle pair from the BB. the hobbit guy finished me off with his top pair – another good reason to hate the english. american women like the english accent -i find it particularly grating ie fingernails on chalk boards.

Tuesday 8/28 Wynn 12:00 PM – $140 NL Hold’em Poker Tournament w/ Re-Entry
back to my wynning ways – i cruised to the final table with not much of a care in the world. solid play all the way around. plenty of correct reads and patience and unbridled aggression all at the right times. — i was in awe of myself. we ended up chopping at 5 – i told the guys i would prefer playing til the bitter end but it was 4 in favor so i said fine and opted for a much needed shower and dinner before the next tournament.

Venetian 7:00 PM – $150 “Big Bounty” NLH Poker Tournament w/ $25 Bounties
wow….now i know what it’s like to hang out with the dry cleaner. i have never been so steamed than when i was doing my exit walk from this tournament. key hand: blinds 2/400 25 ante i raise UTG to 1200 get a call then another call then a raise to 2500…simply beautiful. i proceed AI (11K) with KK – fold, AI for 7600, initial rereaiser folds. the happy semi retarded south american guy with a perma-grin who couldnt speak any english shows 4-7 spades. what????? really???? flop 459 turn 9 river 4 – unfuking believable. the guy is probably still smiling – wtf- i could have possibly maybe respected a 78s but 47 really? listen, i know these guys are good for the game and 100 times out of 100 i would want to be playing pots with them for all my chips but really? i was gone a few hands later with a QJ shove. it took me a cab ride to come back down to earth from the dizzying heights of steaminess. oh well.

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