vegas trip – tournament recap

July 30th, 2012

vegas trip – tournament recap

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5 tournaments in 4 days. final tabled 4 of them and cashed in 3. not bad but i honestly believe i should have cashed in all of them. great mental strides were made on this trip and leaks confirmed yet again.

wynn evening tourney 7pm thur july 26
got to play at final table with gavin smith – he seemed like a decent guy and didnt give off that super lame vibe like most poker pros do. i tried to donk bet into him but he quickly slapped it back in my face. after that i stayed away from him until the guy who eventually sucked out on everyone, coolered him and sent him packing. if that same guy didnt double up through me at the end im fairly confident i would have won that thing outright. he went AI QJ (one club). i called with AK (no clubs). club on the turn and river to complete his flush. it was his day. table chopped at 4 – i took 3rd place money.

wynn noon tourney fri july 27
again, ended up at the final table. played great the whole day. when it was down to 4 i was 3rd in chips and did something that i knew i shouldnt do but did anyway. i called the chip leader’s AI after the flop with 4 cards to a flush. obviously i didnt hit it but i should have waited. i wasted an entire day to put my life at risk on a draw. dumb – wasnt the right time at all. what made it even worse was the loudmouth persian (and proud to be persian) who knocked me out. he was one of those guys who thought he was amazing and needed everyone to know it. technically not a loss since i min cashed but i obviously feel like i left a heap of cash on that table.

aria evening tourney 7pm sat july 28
i shouldnt have even played this because i ended up running late and as a result ended up as an alternate. when i finally got in it was the last level before break. lesson learned. i didnt know aria maxed out that tourney at 40. next time i will be on time. while at the table i felt my IQ drop a few points. i like aria but dont love it yet. i like the little food place cafe next to the poker room though. dumb move – trying to shove a guy (who i noted to not get involved with) off his hand. his EP raise gave me every indication he was strong. not sure why i didnt listen to my own scouting report. his aces crushed my tens. i’m a stupid idiot. lesson learned – start drinking scotch a little later on.

caesars evening tourney 10pm sat july 28
busted out of aria in time to make this tourney. was doing well early on – had 2 aggro euro’s to my right and was second in chips at my table until i called called an AI with TT (of course). unfortunately for me his 66 turned into a set on the river. i ended up battling back and making the final table but was toooooo short and continued my trend of impatience by shoving with A8. hello AK. good bye caesars. see u tomorrow.

caesars 20K tourney 2pm sun july 29
my reign of goodness on this trip continues. $235 buy in. 111 entries. played fantastic. i even had a rail (not the white kind). made all the right moves at the right times. doubled up early and stayed fairly aggressive until the table decided to chop with 7 left – i was 5th in chips at the time and ended up with better than 3rd place money. this was a nice haul for 8 hours of work. ended just in time to get my friends into XS where my other friend was dj’ing. caesars has been a good room for me. i cashed at their winter classic main event a few months ago.  random notes – the lady who won the wsop seniors event  – allyn affrey shulman was in my BB for a little bit until she called an AI with JJ and went home early. im sure she doesnt care – she made over 600 grand last month. she seemed like a nice lady. what are ur thoughts on actually wearing a wsop bracelet to the table. i doubt i will be doing that but maybe it scares people. thoughts?

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