venetian deepstack III cashing with courtenay

June 4th, 2013

venetian deepstack III cashing with courtenay

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courtenay and i both played in the same 2 deepstack events at the venetian – he cashed in the first one and i cashed in the second one. talk about teamwork. the story goes like this: on friday we decided to take a shot at the $300 black chip bounty tournament. courtenay had a weird premonition on the way over there saying he was starving and that the last time he was starving like this he won some tournament. looks like the kid should set up shop as a pyschic on fairfax cos he was indeed correct sir. courtenay pretty much defined “running good” in this tournament. he was picking up big hands and made 2 insanely crazy hands that essentially locked up second place. it was awesome to see. although he ended up chopping i definitely thought he could have taken it down..but it was late and, as u know, anything can happen heads up. a deal was made that was beyond fair. i, on the other hand, busted after 4 hours but stayed there at least another 6 hours to support because that’s what we always do – plus it’s fun cheering ur friend on…besides, as u can tell from the pic, the palazzo was a pretty sweet place to be playing. the tournament room was set up in a mexican restaurant. i’m not sure if they’re just doing it for the deepstack this month or if that’s a permanent poker room. i hope so cos it’s muy bien. i had a great time hanging on the rail and hopefully offered up some key strategic advice at what i thought were critical stages of the tournament. gotta give credit where credit is due though…courtenay played great and i’m really happy for him. always nice to see one of ur friends do well rather than some other idiot. plus i ended up taking his new facebook photo. yup….looking like a pro.

the next day was a marathon day of poker for me – 14 hours between the wsop tournament and this $200 one. unfortunately i came up short and bubbled the final table to take 10th — such a drag and so bummed about this one. i played some good poker though – i never doubled up during this tournament – it was just a steady workman-like grind. the guy that busted me out (flopped quad aces) had aces 4 times during the few hours while he was at my table…4 times in a few hours?! overall, i played well but all it takes is one misstep to screw a tournament up. on my last hand it is quite possible that i did indeed let my ego get in the way — i shoved over that guy’s raise with a marginal hand (J8s) – it was a point where i felt i needed to take a stand though. i like my big blind…esp late in tournaments and this guy was really pushing his luck. i mean, i cant blame him for getting slapped in the face with the deck. my timing was off and just like that (snap fingers) i was out – dazed and confused. i really should have stepped back and tightened up to make final table. then i could have reevaluated and taken it from there. i rarely let my ego get out of control (sometimes maybe ummmm ok i have my moments) and this was a time where i needed to sit back and survey what was at hand. there were 140 people that started and it was now down to 10. lesson learned. stepping back after the bubble burst is what i needed to do. cashing definitely wasnt enough for me….i wanted the win and i easily could have had it. bittersweet symphony.

ironically i didnt make a video for this…i always miss the happy moments. we ended up rolling some dice and then decided to drive home at 6am. a mammoth day of poker in the books. can’t wait to do it all again.

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