Venetian Deepstack III Final Table Party

June 15th, 2013

Venetian Deepstack III Final Table Party

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this was my 3rd cash in a row. three in a row is definitely not shitty. it’s also the 2nd tournament that i wasnt planning on playing. i was actually planning on playing aria as a warm up for the wynn classic but since the venetian was right next door we decided to walk over and jump in the 7pm tournament. turns out, this was a smart change of plan – sometimes it’s the unexpected stuff that works out best.

fran_court_venetianadding goodness on top of this already good story was the fact that courtenay also my the final table with me! this was the first time we both made a final table together. pretty awesome – he finished 6th and i finished 8th. the same angle-shooter douche bag from san antonio busted us both out. it’s amazing how some people fail upwards. i’ve seen it my entire life in the music business (specifically talking about a&r people and executives here). seriously bummed i didnt place higher and in retrospect i think that guy’s call of my all in pre with 4′s was kinda risky. i had A5 hearts and honestly didnt think he would call for his tournament life without something super solid as i mistakenly thought he was super tight. oh well – i knew that if i did get looked up i had 2 overs, flush possibilities and straight possibilities. alas, nothing came in and i was bounced pretty unceremoniously. it’s easy to say i should’ve waited but i just had to get by 2 players to win the blinds and antes. hmmm… the same guy busted courtenay out with a gross runner runner flush to his trip tens. it’s not all skill folks.

anyway, this was a great start to a trip. we cruised out to vegas in a few hours – checked into encore and even had time for a quick drink in the sun by the pool. i need to right my own yelp review for encore…i love that place. ended up finally going to bed at 5am. not ideal when u have a big tournament the next day but always a good problem when u’ve made a final table. video sums it up…i was pretty tired when i made it.

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