im not proud of this video at all but on one hand it’s got to be one of my better (read “more comical”) ones just because i was so irritated. i was literally still on tilt by the time i got back to my hotel. i was even discussing correct pot odds with the cab driver. oh man, sometimes it has everything to do with the person u lose a hand to.

so…i fired 2 bullets at the venetian tonight. in the first one i lost full house over full house. i had 99 on a A9662 board. my opponent mr quiet older asian man had AA. obviously this was a cooler of course but the guy wasnt a douche so a genuine “great hand” was due. on the other hand….when i busted out on my second bullet to the french douche on my right it was a completely different story. u can watch the video for details but there were so many things that frustrated me…specifically – losing to this particularly guy. of course he made a questionable call for the wrong reasons and got rewarded (nothing new here) but there was just something about him that bugged the fuck out of me. he was annoying me with his play (which was completely see thru) and when i did get him to commit his stack for the wrong reasons he ended up getting lucky with a 3 outer on the river. again…nothing new here. what’s new is that it took me much longer to get the frustration out of my system than the usual normal bust out.

honestly – these videos really do help me AND they really help you – “you” meaning all of my friends. it keeps everyone from having to hear bad beat stories which no one really wants to hear. no one really cares about anyone’s bad beat but at least these video truly help me get it out of my system. it really is therapy. some people are good at handling beats. i think im pretty good – especially at the table but i have to admit i need to talk about it. i think it’s better that i talk to my ipad instead of someone else. my ipad cares more. plus…if someone asks me “how’d u do?” i can always just say “watch the video”. taking that one step further…if they do watch the video they can shut me up (unlike in real life) at the press of a button. maybe i need to get laid. that might help with some of my inner angst.

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