vikings 37 – pukers 34 = awesome

December 31st, 2012

vikings 37 – pukers 34 = awesome

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stomping-the-packersthere are very few things in life that please me more than watching the green bay packers lose to the minnesota vikings – especially when biased joe buck is the announcer. the vikings have over achieved this season largely due to the amazing play of adrian peterson. this guy is a rare athlete in the modern era. rare in that not only is he the best running back the nfl has seen in decades, but he is completely humble and team oriented given his amazing talent. he’s the antithesis of the majority of today’s “me first” athletes. it’s so great watching him roll up over 400 yards in 2 games against the packers. if you’re a viking fan there’s not a team worth running over more. here’s the highlights

being a viking fan is like getting to a final table and always losing. they’ve never won the super bowl yet have been there 4 times. they find bizarre ways to lose games and somehow manage to squander amazing seasons. the 70′s vikings led by fran tarkenton were arguably one of the most dominant teams in the league yet lost the super bowl multiple times. the vikings also blew 2 nfc championships in mind numbing fashion to the falcons in 98 and to the cheap shot bounty game fixing saints in 2010.

this year they have already over achieved and beating the packers today would be a fine way to end to the season if they don’t advance next week. they are one of the youngest teams in the league and are just a few key players away from becoming a powerhouse. with a legit wr and more secondary help the vikes should be able to consistently eclipse the packers and bears atop the nfc north for years to come.

here’s a great clip of the last time i’ve felt this good. plus it exemplifies how fucking annoying joe buck is and how great randy moss was.

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