what i see when i run

July 20th, 2012

what i see when i run

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i love running down here at the beach…beats city running in a heartbeat. i’ve been running pretty regularly since feb. somehow and thankfully my back healed up (took 8 months) and i’ve been able to get back into top form this year. i wasnt able to do much running the last year of tony’s life because he slowed down too much but i think about him often when i’m running. for almost 10 years he was always with me when i ran. when i run down the pier i imaging his head floating in the sky above the pacific ocean as if it was a big sun shining down on me. fuck. i miss that guy.

anyway…these are a few of the distractions i have seen on my runs in the glorious sunshine of socal. even though that seal looks small in the picture it wasnt. i felt sad for the sea ray because it was still breathing while it was up there dying in front of everyone. the guy said it tastes like chicken. hmmm i eat fish so maybe i’m being hypocritical. maybe they should have at least killed it quickly rather than let it suffer. i could at least deal with that i guess.

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