what i see when i run – 7

April 1st, 2013

what i see when i run – 7

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overturned truckthere havent been an abundant “what i see when i run” posts these days because i simply  havent been running that much – plus, when i do run i’m running the same route from my place to the gym. it’s great living so close to a gym that u can run there and back from – it makes going that much easier.  also, since i have just been doing cardio intervals on the treadmill – running has become more a mode of transportation rather than a part of any training. in addition to this, im not living on the beach so the sights are way less inspirational. (read no hot chicks or ocean creatures)

anyway… that said,  a girl flipped her truck over literally right next to me. apparently she passed out and smashed into 2 parked cars and flipped the truck on its side. this happened like 2 seconds after i ran past the parked cars she hit. when i turned around i saw 3 dudes from the bar running towards the truck so i dialed 911. im pretty sure i was the first person calling and to their credit they got there in like 2 minutes if that (very impressive). so….the 3 dudes pulled her out of the truck unharmed…can u fukin believe that? i can’t. there was a gas leak too…it was kinda high drama as i was expecting the truck to blow up but maybe that’s just too cliche and predictable when it comes to overturned trucks. so….when the girl was talking to the cops i heard her say she was diabetic and that was the reason why there were a bunch of needles scattered on the street near her door. i mean…it’s plausible that she could have passed out – my father has done that too from diabetes so the story kinda checks out. then again….there is that one other reason that would explain needles and passing out….hmmm. the funny thing about this whole thing was how freaked out she was about how angry her dad was going to be. i thought to myself, if that was my kid and i saw the truck in this picture i would probably just hug her and say i’m glad ur not dead. then again, if she was shooting dope and driving i probably would have said the same thing but then ripped into her for being such a fuck up. who knows, but that’s what i saw when i was running. i still prefer chicks in bikinis and the fishermen on the pier.

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