rookie mistake costly in mega millions

March 27th, 2013

rookie mistake costly in mega millions

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this one is gonna gnaw at me for a while. why u ask? — well, i honestly thought i could’ve won it. even though i was starting day 2 in about 230th place out of 306(?) with 120k i felt like i really wasnt that far out of contention. there were a ton of players in the 200k range so the opportunity was definitely there. i was indeed forced to play super tight for the first few levels but i was able double up early when a short stack shoved T6off (really?) into my bb when i had AK. soon after i won a tasty pot when i opened raised to 2.5x with A9spades on cutoff. i got a call from the small blind and a shove for 32k more from the bb. after both of us called i shoved on a q high rainbow flop. sb folded and bb turned over KT (really?). i get my stack up to almost 300k with A high. love it. a little while later the hand described in the video comes up. in retrospect i just cant believe i didnt see things as clearly as i should have. everything i discuss in the video about this hand is ultimately incorrect as i didnt consider the obvious. i missed the obvious. the play was simple — 3bet the kid to roughly 75k. if i get jammed on then i fold (even though i dont want to) because i’ve now defined his hand (unless he was bluffing but whatever – i assumed not). my hand cant really go the distance and it was a mistake calling and then forcing it on the flop (although my post flop play is correct). i know my confusion stemmed from preflop play cos i just wasnt sure of the optimal line. my reraise and fold would have most importantly kept me in the tournament — albeit with only 16bb but still – whatever, grinding that size stack is in my wheelhouse. ultimately i got away from the bigger picture and fell back into the rookie mistake of getting attracted to AT because it was suited. so fucking dumb and im embarrassed by this. i had almost all the pieces to this puzzle but fucked it up anyway.

special thanks to greg pohler (pro) who i’ve recently become friends with for going over this hand with me. we happened to sit next to each other at the lapc event and as fate would have it – cool people recognize cool people when they meet them. (then again, it’s not that hard given the sheer about of dbags that play poker). i can’t tell you how beneficial it is to learn from people who have been there and seen it. if i was teaching someone bass guitar there is so much more superior insight that i could offer them as opposed to someone else just learning could. being a sponge and soaking up great champagne is wayyyyyy better than soaking up spoiled milk.

by the way….finishing 161st out of 6273 isnt bad – it’s another step forward. along with 20th in the deepstack a week earlier i’m feeling like this is going where it should go. i’m gonna footnote both these 4 days of poker with the fact that i was dealt AA and KK one fucking time each. ya got that folks. let me repeat AA and KK one fucking time each over the course of two 2-day tournaments. that’s doin it the hard way wouldn’t ya say. sort of like how rocky trained in siberia or wherever he did in this video. seriously how have almost 6 million people watched that clip?!?! the music is so horrible – pay special attention to the keyboards and electronic drum fills. gotta love the steroid injection shot and the end clip of running to top of the mountain range. this wasnt inspirational – i was laughing at the end. now this however is an inspirational rocky clip…a million miles apart in inspiration wouldnt ya say and yet only half the views as the other one. again, i digress…you get the point.

oh noooo…down the utube worm hole…here’s another rocky clip with even less views but it’s got burgess meredith in it who’s fucking awesome. this was somewhat motivational if you think you only have a few friends and are severely depressed.

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