why my coffee spot shut down

April 5th, 2013

why my coffee spot shut down

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blackcatsee that piece of paper taped to that window. i will sum it up for you: sorry we’re closed cos we went out of biz thanks for coming here even though we did suck and never figured out how to listen to our customers. yup…the coffee shop in my neighborhood, the one that i walk to almost every day after i wake up, has abruptly closed down. what a f’n drag. ya know what though…i’m bummed but im not too fukin surprised. those owners were idiots from the start. i would go in there and ask them if they could put a suggestion box out because i knew other people had to be feeling the same thing. first off they had only one kind of coffee which pretty much sucked. how do you open a spot like this and have only one kind of coffee? they were just dumb and pig headed. it should have been called the pig headed bakery and cafe. i mean, the problem really started with its name “the black cat bakery” cos it’s not a real bakery. before these new owners bought it and changed the name and decor it used to be mani’s bakery and it was jamming all the time. mani’s moved to maple drive where it quickly failed because those owners were unbelievably even more dumb. how you screw up a great bakery/cafe and then replace it with another screw up of a faux bakery/cafe is beyond me. anyway, when it was mani’s bakery a huge portion of their business was baked stuff – cakes, sweets, breads etc etc. there were always a bunch of people buying baked goods and the food was super healthy. it was packed at nights with people on dates, people working – it was awesome. so my question to the new owners always was: why bother keeping the bakery part in your name if you dont really plan on acting like a bakery. it’s just gonna bum people out and ur gonna lose a big customer base. it’s like if my mechanic was called jimmy’s nail salon. you wouldn’t expect jimmy to be fixing cars right? fundamental naming problems.

tonymanisthe other probs with the black cat was that it didnt stay open late, the menu was pretty limited and the coffee selection wasnt great AND they opted for the lazy no server instead take a number routine. mani’s used to have cute chicks waiting tables which, as a single guy, is always win win. they even had a billboard on top of their building that they should have advertised on. it was a no brainer traffic driver….i dont get. if you think u know everything ur never gonna learn. i feel bad for a few of the super cool people that worked there cos now they’re suddenly S.O.L. that place should have worked if the owners listened to the customers and made adjustments. just like in a poker tournament – if ya dont make adjustments you will fail. speaking of not making adjustments…the minnesota vikings offensive coordinator had a huge problem making adjustments and that’s why they usually fuck games up. they only won games because of their super human running back. anyway, im pissed that my coffee shop with it’s pretty crappy tasting coffee closed down cos now i have to find somewhere else to go that isnt literally a block away from me. here’s a pic of when tony was alive – we used to go here everyday and sit outside for about 15 minutes. i would tie him up to the meter at the end of the outside seating. he was awesome – always ordered water though.

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