why so much?

October 22nd, 2012

why so much?

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i played 2 flights of the liz flynt classic at hustler casino this weekend. both flights ended with me crashing and burning. the video above has to do with the sat flight. i’ve had some time to think about this hand after talking about it with a few poker confidants and i did forget to mention something. i forgot to mention what exactly was going thru my head when i made the initial call with AsTh in the BB. recap of the action was (blinds 400/800) EP raise to 2500, MP call, I call in BB. Flop 5sAc6s. check check MP bets 6000, I call, EP folds. Turn 6 clubs I bet 10K MP goes AI, I call. River Js I lose to 7s8s. someone mentioned to me that they never would have called almost 10% of their stack pre flop with that hand BUT i didnt see it that way. there was already 5800 in the pot when it got around to me. i only had to call 1700. i was getting over 3 to 1 to make the call and see a flop. that’s why i did it. if i wasnt in the blind i probably would have folded. my only other move was to raise which i really really should have done but i didn’t. that’s really the hindsight 20/20 lesson. i should have raised. A10 is like KJ in many ways. oh well.

UPDATE: just had another convo with my friend tony about how i played this hand. tony has been a great resource for me as far talking thru hands and doing range analysis. his opinion was that i probably shouldnt have even been in the hand but since i was, the real play on the turn was moving all in. my turn bet was actually giving this guy about 2 to 1 to call while a shove would have been giving him much worse odds thus increasing my fold equity. i should have been more decisive here rather than trying to get the best of both worlds. either way i still believe he was calling but should have shoved. this definitely has been a learning experience for me.

as far as the sunday 6pm flight went. well…again i got up to 30K with the blinds 500/1000 when i ended up busting out. nothing too eventful except seat one calling the clock on me for the very first time ever. normally i dont take much time but on that particular hand i kept thinking back to a cash game session months ago that i had at the bike with the same guy that was now putting the pressure on me with a huge river bet. in particular, i was thinking back to how he bet his pairs during that session. i ended up folding cos i felt i was beat even with top 2. i just knew this guy hit trips or filled up. not many big cards this session either. JJ, TT, 99, AA, 55 were the only pairs i saw over a 6hr time period. unfortunately my aces got zero action. KQ, AJ, were the only other “bigger” hands i saw. sort of like yesterday as far as lack of juicy hands to play. im hoping the deck slaps me in the face this week in vegas.

as far as me being a dick goes…i ended up calling the clock on the same guy that called the clock on me just to be a dick. i did it 10 seconds after he was put all in by someone. obviously i was the only one that found it amusing. he actually got pretty steamy about it. oh…early on i had asked seat 6 what was good on the menu (cos he was obviously a regular and i was ordering food and wanted an opinion). he responded with “i cant tell you…i don’t that” – meaning he thought i was trying to get info about his hand or something dumb like that when in actuality i just wanted to know what was fucking good to eat there. what a douche. a little while later (after he folded to my river bet) he seriously asked me “what did u have…” i looked at the guy like he had 3 eyeballs and responded with “what’s good on the menu dude” as i threw my cards in the muck. at least the guy next to me in seat 7 was cool. i enjoy having at least one person in my immediate vicinity that isnt a fucktard.

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