WSOP 2013 – report #1 – virgin suicide

June 4th, 2013

WSOP 2013 – report #1 – virgin suicide

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shyza….not exactly the post i wanted to be writing but every now and then a virgin must die. there are very few things in life that i havent tried once…up until this week shooting heroin, gay sex and playing in the wsop were still on the untried list. well, at least i can cross off the wsop although im sure many a weekend in this town has had a few people crossing off the first two items listed. ok, on to the carnage.

on thursday i played the wsop for the very first time – it was a 1k event. i was pretty nervous to start but after a little while i was good to go. at this level (which is big for me) there seemed to be a healthy dose of “technically” horrible players. there were over 3k people in that event so obviously u have to wade through a sea of shit before u can make it to the promised land. i ended up busting out with jacks again. the third time in a row jacks have fucked me hard. in the card player event i had jacks twice (losing 2 big pots) and now to complete the trifecta i lost to qj thus busting my cherry. it is what it is – u need to win races period. period. period.

on saturday i played the millionare maker which had a ton of fkn people. started off pretty well and slowly chipped up to 7k but then things went horrible when i overplayed my 8′s in the sb and folded like a big pussy to a big raise on the turn. board was 652 rainbow. i either had a the winning hand or was just completely crushed. i just couldnt find my balls and folded – somehow i was beat by a bigger overpair/set but part of me still thinks he was just mad that i raised his blind. hmmmm. the other hand i got caught up in was a hand i just played wrong. yes i do make mistakes. i turned a king with ak on a 8TJ board. i made the mistake of trying to be tricky and checked the turn but when a 9 hit the river and i got reraised all in i figured i was dead. this hand really hurt my stack. i was then moved and was finished off when my flopped top pair with aq was crushed by a flopped set. it was a miserable way to go but at least i got to experience that sick walk out of the convention center back up to my room. walk of shame.

btw – stayed at the rio which was, surprisingly, not as horrible as i thought. i still need to write a post about vegas hotels which of course i have many opinions on. i’m going back next week more focused and more determined.

8cs – thanks

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