WSOP report #2 – bled to death in the daily

July 1st, 2013

WSOP report #2 – bled to death in the daily

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this was a last minute change of plans. i had originally planned on playing a binion’s event but felt like taking a shot at the daily because i knew there would be a pretty big payday at the end of the rainbow. i think first place was 45k and that qualifies as a good payday for a 235 buy in. there were about 1200 entrants and unfortunately, i busted in the 160′s. what made this particularly frustrating was the perfect storm of mid (plus) stack shoves, high blind increases and an absolutely horrid run of hole cards. i mean this was the drought of droughts that slowly starved all the life from me. i went for over 3 breaks including dinner with barely playing a hand. i think i actually played 3 up until when i had to start shoving. it was like my hands were tied and someone kept punching me in the face.

i’m really bummed about this cos i had a nice 70k stack at one point. that stack was the perfect size to use to start picking off of the inevitable short stack shoves that were about to happen. again, i say perfect but only perfect IF i had some good/decent hands to call with. ugh – so frustrating. i was mentally on point all day and knew i had a chance to go deep if i ran well after my table change. ya know people….u need to fuking run well. it really helps. like getting aces 3x within the span of 5 hands. i actually dealt those aces to a guy in a home game a few weeks ago. perfect time – i also dealt him ak. amazing rush of cards that took this guy from short stack at a final table to chip leader…that fast. imagine getting a rush like that in a big tournament when everyone starts to shove? oh momma…that’s how tournaments can be won.

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