WSOP Report #3 aces over kings early

July 4th, 2013

WSOP Report #3 aces over kings early

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wsop_49athere’s a great story behind this picture. it was LITERALLY taken the hand right after my kings lost to aces. sort of makes it an instant classic. i’m holding the few hundred chips i have left. i ask u – does that look like a guy who was just devastated? i guess it sort of does…i was a bit shell shocked for a minute. SOOOOO…can i fold kings on the button preflop in the second level of a wsop tournament? theoretically the answer is yes buuuuut of course i didnt. i’m sure if it was the main event i would have found a fold buuuuuut it wasnt and instead i found my self on life support early. i even told myself…”ok im only gonna play big hands early today”. (technically – i guess i did follow that rule).

the event was #49 – $1500. ultimately, i out leveled myself in this hand. the video below tells the in depth story but basically i thought my 4bet would look like a blatant squeeze play and that my kings would be really under rep’ed. all this shit goes out the door though when the other guy has aces cos he isnt even thinking about much else because he has the best fucking hand in poker. i mean it was up to me to fold the kings to his 5bet shove. what would u do? he shoved and i had him covered (not by much but i did have him covered). i think u can make an argument for calling and folding. most people i’ve talked to have said u have to get it in there but i honestly think i could have found a fold. i should have found a fold because deep down i was hoping he didnt have what he obviously seemed to have. i ended up busting a few hands later with Jacks. geez, it was really a bummer going out like this (so early in a tournament). uggghhh, i honestly feel like i belong there — “there” meaning – at the wsop kicking ass in these kind of events.

btw, the pic im using was taken by one of the official wsop photographers. they take pics of all the players and then charge you $50 if you want to buy it without the watermark. i might just do it because i’m so long overdue for a “official” looking photo.

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