video apologies on the echo – i think the volume was off on my ipad when i recorded it so there’s a slight echo…not annoying enough to make u stop watching it though.

this was the deepest i’ve gone i the 4 wsop events that i’ve played in my young poker career. i busted in 500th something place out of 2800 something entrants. made it down to the last level of day one. video has all the details but to sum up – i got off to a really bad start with my flopped set of 7’s losing to a flopped set of aces. even though i lost almost half my chips i think most people would have totally gotten stacked here. as a result of what had happened to me with the aa vs kk early on in my previous wsop event, i had a feeling i could be up against aces and thus played my set cautiously. turns out that what saved me was the line i took on the river which was bet fold. i didnt bet my stack…i led out with a blocking bet and if i got raised my plan was to fold. to my surprise he just called…he had the nuts so im not sure why he didnt shove. fuk…it was aces and i was correct. at least i was still alive even though i was playing catch up for the next few hours. yes…i played solid card dead short stack poker all day – something i think i am becoming very skilled at.

i still havent gotten smashed with the deck in a long time. the only big pair was kings and thru those 10 levels i only made 2 sets, 2 pair once and top pair a couple times. no straights no flushes and no boats. i never had much going for me card-wise. i also ran into aces and survived twice. getting thru these events like this is only going to make me a better player. i’m really forced to figure out ranges and player tendencies because most of the time i didnt have it. in fact i hardly ever had it and when i have had it there’s an even more monster hand ahead of me. in the end i had to ship it with a8 suited and got called by a9. yeah i hate shipping with hands like that but i honestly thought my 11bb stack had some fold equity. it almost got thru. so…to sum up – very bummed and a bit frustrated. i dont think ive wanted something this bad in many many years. it’s gonna happen – i just know it.

another note about video – filmed at the gold coast. my ride sort of ditched me so i ended up staying with another friend of mine. interesting place to say the least. in some ways it was almost better than the rio….i’m still not sure what i think of that place…i need to hotel blog soon. i keep saying i will but i dont.

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